Anything To Say? or Just Shop and Telly?

Human Nature, Quantum Mechanics, Preventable Medical Conditions, World Economics, Alzheimer’s Carer for Margie 24/7, Anything to say? or just shop and telly

My current Interests in 140 characters taken from My Twitter Account @MichaelShield

Can you really think for yourself? Or are you just a puppet with media and political string pullers? Do you question everything that streams into your brain or just accept it? Do you conform to mainstream society? Have you anything Interesting to say? Are you trapped in the shopping and television driven existence?

Ebola is a RNA virus, It’s Infecting the human race at an alarming rate, with cases doubling every 29 days. At that rate, everyone could be Infected by August 2016. 7 Billion people infected with the Ebola virus? Perhaps you’ve got something to say about that?

Alzheimer’s and Dementia, hot topics in todays society. We’re all hoping to live so much longer now, but the consequences of old age are these tragic conditions. Could you ever Imagine being diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Life as you know it today would be finished, How would you cope with that? Would your family put you in a care home and throw away the key? Could they cope with moving in and looking after you at you own home? Could you ever Imagine what it’s like to care for a person with last stage brain degeneration 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Do you care? Does anyone really care?

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